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The story so far...

Since DigiCult was founded back in 2003, and with 5 full length albums under their belt, they have become synonymous with melodic full on psytrance. Throughout these 2 decades they stayed true to their style, deep, intelligent full-on morning, with a strong oldschool touch. Beautiful 'back to the roots' melodies fused together with ethereal female chants and ethnic instruments from the orient.

Traveling all corners of the globe, some memorable times include 2x Tomorrowland (2017 & 2022), Hungary (Ozora, S.U.N.), Japan (Vision Quest The Gathering), Germany (Full Moon, Fusion), Mexico (Equinoxio, Ritual, Mikology), every single edition of Psy-Fi Festival, Brazil, Israel, USA, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Russia, India, Vietnam and countless more.

In August 2006 their debut full album 'Avenida de Bélgica' became the blueprint for the unconditional energy in their music, light and very psychedelic in nature. The second full album 'Out of this World' (2008) was an extremely successful concept album including iconic tracks like 'Star Travel' and 'Days In Space'. The third album 'The Lucid Nation' came in May 2012 continuing the same path... driven, emotive and psychedelic where the bond with U-Recken became even more apparent. In february 2015 the fourth album 'Soul Samadhi' went straight to the top of the charts and was critically acclaimed throughout the scene. With the 5th album 'Full On Fantasy' (2022) soaring to new heights, they solidified their legacy as masters of melodic full on.

5 Full Albums to date

Original Release info: "The 5th full length DigiCult studio album is here. Full On Fantasy, as a concept, was heavily influenced by the lore of some of the most impactful storytelling in fantasy and science fiction, both genres very close to our hearts. All while staying true to the style and feeling of the previous albums. This one, once again, jam-packed with mesmerising melodies, ethereal chants and driving melodic basslines, as you've come to expect from the wizards of melodic full on. 2023 also marks the 20 year anniversary of the DigiCult project, with more releases in the pipeline to celebrate these past two decades. Enjoy the ride!"

Original Release info: "Soul Samadhi is DigiCult's 4th full album to date and continues in the true spirit that defined their music so well, beautiful 'back to the roots' melodies fused together with ethereal female chants and ethnic instruments from the orient. The album stands for a 'coming together' of like-minded souls, on the global dancefloor but also through the forces working together to build this whole story. The match made in heaven that is DigiCult & U-Recken, but also Tropical Bleyage, Spirit Architect, Talamasca and Astral Projection have all been essential in bringing together this epic 'tale to be told'. In the tradition of 'Out Of This World' and 'The Lucid Nation', this 4th album is remarkably 'classic' DigiCult and sets the tone for more to come in 2015."

Original Release info: "The third DigiCult full album is a fact! 'The Lucid Nation' confirms that intelligent full on is alive and kicking, with a vibe you'd expect from the creators of 'Out of this World'. The emphasis on powerful drives and oldschool-oriented melodies was retained and improved, this time in collaboration with such great names as U-Recken, Hux Flux and DNA."

Original Release info: "The second DigiCult studio album. With it, DigiCult deliver, and confirm, their own particular blend of powerful full on drives and oldschool-oriented melodies, with a strong emphasis on the psychedelic. ‘Out Of This World’ was meant as a concept album, all tracks taking you on a journey throughout our universe. Each tale was minutely sculpted to brighten your day, at home or on the dancefloor, just listen and be convinced... What's more? Two versus tracks with U-Recken and Fatali, captivating artwork with HQ finish & mastering by Silicon Sound, this is one you won't forget about quickly."

Original Release info: "Welcome to the long awaited release of DigiCult's full length debut album on Avigmatic records. This promising new French label sets out to promote positive trance music - a perfect setting for DigiCult's melodic vibes! Their style can be described as full-on morning with an oldschool touch, paving the way for a typical 'Belgian' vibe. Combining power bass lines with smooth melodies, their primary aim is making you fly, at home or on the dancefloor..."

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